This   is   an Agreement   between   you,   the   undersigned   Client,   and   us,   the   Inspector,   pertaining   to   our   inspection   of   the
building at:
The terms below govern this Agreement.
1.   The   fee   for   our   inspection   is   $__________,   payable   [in   full   /   in   part   at   $   _______________]   at   a   time   [before   /
after] the appointment.
2.   We   will   perform   a   visual   inspection   of   the   building   and   provide   you   with   a   written   report   identifying   the   defects   that
we (1) observed and (2) deemed material. The report is only supplementary to the seller’s disclosure.
3.   Unless   otherwise   noted   in   this   Agreement   or   not   possible,   we   will   perform   the   inspection   in   accordance   with   the
current   International   Standards   of   Practice   for   Inspecting   Commercial   Properties   (ComSOP)   of   the   International
Association    of    Certified    Home    Inspectors    (InterNACHI)    and    the    Certified    Commercial    Property    Inspectors
Association   (CCPIA).   If   your   jurisdiction   has   adopted   mandatory   standards   that   differ   from   InterNACHI-CCPIA’s
ComSOP,   we   will   perform   the   inspection   in   accordance   with   your   jurisdiction’s   standards.     You   understand   that
InterNACHI-CCPIA’s    ComSOP    contains    limitations,    exceptions,    and    exclusions.       You    understand    that    neither
InterNACHI nor CCPIA is a party to this Agreement, has no control over us, and does not employ or supervise us.
4.   Unless   otherwise   indicated   in   writing,   we   will   not   test   for   the   presence   of   radon,   a   harmful   gas.     Unless   otherwise
indicated   in   writing,   we   will   not   test   for   mold.     Unless   otherwise   indicated   in   writing,   we   will   not   test   for   compliance
with   applicable   building   codes   or   for   the   presence   of   or   for   any   potential   dangers   arising   from   the   presence   of
asbestos,   lead   paint,   soil   contamination,   or   other   environmental   hazards   or   violations.     If   any   structure   you   want   us
to    inspect    is    a    log    structure    or    includes    log    construction,    you    understand    that    such    structures    have    unique
characteristics   that   may   make   it   impossible   for   us   to   inspect   and   evaluate   them.     Therefore,   the   scope   of   our
inspection will not include decay of the interior of logs in log walls, log foundations or roofs, or similar defects.
5.   Our   inspection   and   report   are   for   your   use   only.     You   must   give   us   permission   to   discuss   our   observations   with
real   estate   agents,   owners,   repair   persons,   or   other   interested   parties.   You   will   be   the   sole   owner   of   the   report   and
all   rights   to   it.     We   are   not   responsible   for   its   use   or   misinterpretation   by   third   parties,   and   third   parties   who   rely   on   it
in   any   way   do   so   at   their   own   risk   and   release   us   (including   employees   and   business   entities)   from   any   liability
whatsoever.   If   you   or   any   person   acting   on   your   behalf   provide   the   report   to   a   third   party   who   then   sues   you   and/or
us,   you   release   us   from   any   liability   and   agree   to   pay   our   costs   and   legal   fees   in   defending   any   action   naming   us.
Our   inspection   and   report   are   in   no   way   a   guarantee   or   warranty,   express   or   implied,   regarding   the   future   use,
operability,   habitability   or   suitability   of   the   building   or   its   components.   We   disclaim   all   warranties,   express   or   implied,
to the fullest extent allowed by law.
6.   LIMITATION   ON   LIABILITY   AND   DAMAGES.     We   assume   no   liability   for   the   cost   of   repair   or   replacement   of
unreported   defects,   either   current   or   arising   in   the   future.   In   all   cases,   our   liability   is   limited   to   liquidated   damages   in
an   amount   not   greater   than   1.5   times   the   fee   you   paid   us.     You   waive   any   claim   for   consequential,   exemplary,
special   or   incidental   damages,   or   for   the   loss   of   the   use   of   the   building.     You   acknowledge   that   these   liquidated
damages   are   not   a   penalty,   but   that   we   intend   them   to:   (i)   reflect   the   fact   that   actual   damages   may   be   difficult   or
impractical   to   ascertain;   (ii)   allocate   risk   between   us;   and   (iii)   enable   us   to   perform   the   inspection   for   the   agreed-
upon   fee.   If   you   wish   to   eliminate   this   liquidated   damages   provision,   we   are   willing   to   perform   the   inspection   for   an
increased fee of $_________, payable in advance.
7.   We   do   not   perform   engineering,   architectural,   plumbing,   or   any   other   job   function   requiring   an   occupational
license   in   the   jurisdiction   where   the   building   is   located.     If   we   hold   a   valid   occupational   license,   we   may   inform   you   of
this   and   you   may   hire   us   to   perform   additional   functions.   Any   agreement   for   such   additional   services   shall   be   in   a
separate writing.
8.   If   you   believe   you   have   a   claim   against   us,   you   agree   to   provide   us   with   the   following:   (1)   written   notification   of
your   claim   within   seven   days   of   discovery,   in   sufficient   detail   and   with   sufficient   supporting   documents   that   we   can
evaluate   it;   and   (2)   immediate   access   to   the   premises.     Failure   to   comply   with   these   conditions   releases   us   from
9.   You   agree   that   the   exclusive   venue   for   any   litigation   arising   out   of   this Agreement   shall   be   in   the   county   where   we
have   our   principal   place   of   business.     If   you   fail   to   prove   any   claim   against   us,   you   agree   to   pay   all   our   legal   costs,
expenses   and   attorney’s   fees   incurred   in   defending   that   claim.   You   agree   that   the   exclusive   venue   for   any   legal
action   against   InterNACHI-CCPIA   or   Pro1   Certified   Inspections   itself,   allegedly   arising   out   of   this   Agreement   or   our
membership   in   InterNACHI-CCPIA,   will   be   in   Orange   County,   California.     Before   bringing   any   such   action,   you   must
provide   InterNACHI-CCPIA   with   30   days’   written   notice   of   the   nature   of   the   claim,   in   sufficient   detail   and   with
sufficient   supporting   documents   that   InterNACHI   /   Pro1   Certified   Inspections   can   evaluate   it.     In   any   action   against
us or InterNACHI-CCPIA, you waive trial by jury.
10.   If   a   court   declares   any   provision   of   this   Agreement   invalid,   the   remaining   provisions   remain   in   effect.     This
Agreement    represents    our    entire    agreement;    there    are    no    terms    other    than    those    set    forth    herein.      All    prior
discussions   are   merged   into   this   Agreement.     No   statement   or   promise   by   us   shall   be   binding   unless   reduced   to
writing   and   signed   by   one   of   our   authorized   officers.     Any   modification   of   this   Agreement   must   be   in   writing   and
signed   by   you   and   by   one   of   our   authorized   officers.   This   Agreement   shall   be   binding   upon   and   enforceable   by   the
parties   and   their   heirs,   executors,   administrators,   successors   and   assignees.     You   will   have   no   cause   of   action
against us after one year from the date of the inspection.
11.   Past-due   fees   for   your   inspection   shall   accrue   interest   at   8%   per   year.   You   agree   to   pay   all   costs   and   attorney’s
fees   we   incur   in   collecting   the   fees   owed   to   us.     If   the   Client   is   a   corporation,   LLC,   or   similar   entity,   you   represent
that   the   entity   is   solvent   and   has   the   present   ability   and   intent   to   pay   pursuant   to   this   Agreement.     The   person
signing for the entity personally guarantees payment of all fees owed to us.
12. If you request a re-inspection, the re-inspection is subject to the terms of this Agreement.
13. You may not assign this Agreement.
14.   If   a   court   finds   any   term   of   this   Agreement   ambiguous   or   requiring   judicial   interpretation,   the   court   shall   not
construe   that   term   against   us   by   reason   of   the   rule   that   any   ambiguity   in   a   document   is   construed   against   the   party
drafting it. You had the opportunity to consult qualified counsel before signing this.
15.   If   there   is   more   than   one   Client,   you   are   signing   on   behalf   of   all   of   them,   and   you   represent   that   you   are
authorized to do so.
16. If you would like a large-print version of this Agreement before signing it, you may request one by emailing us.
We   contract   with   a   third   party   to   store   certain   information   online,   such   as   our   inspection   reports,   and   the   identity   of
our   clients.     In   signing   our   Agreement,   you   give   us   permission   to   do   so.     We   will   not   sell   your   personally   identifying
information.     It   is   the   duty   of   the   third   party   we   contract   with   to   keep   your   information   secure.     We   are   not   liable   for
any   misuse   of   that   information   or   their   failure   to   safeguard   it.     In   that   event,   your   sole   remedy   is   against   that   third
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