This is an addendum to the Residential Inspection Agreement regarding the inspection at:
Thermal   imaging   is   a   technology   that   allows   the   PRO1   CERTIFIED   INSPECTOR   to   show   you   things   about   a   building   that   no   one   can   show   you
using   other   inspection   methods.   Thermal   imaging   produces   images   of   invisible   heat   energy   emitted   from   objects   and   systems   in   the   building,   and
allows   us   to   measure   it.   Thermal   imaging   helps   to   diagnose   the   problem   rather   than   merely   identify   symptoms,   and   can   sometimes,   but   not
always,   identify   and   document:   electrical   faults   before   they   cause   a   fire;   overloaded   and   undersized   circuits;   circuit   breakers   in   need   of   immediate
replacement;   missing,   damaged,   and/or   wet   insulation;   heat   loss   and   air   infiltration   in   walls,   ceilings,   floors,   windows   and   doors;   water   and
moisture   intrusion   that   could   lead   to   mold;   possible   pest   infestation;   hidden   roof   leaks   before   they   cause   serious   damage;   air-conditioner
compressor   leaks;   under-fastening   and/or   missing   framing   members;   structural   defects;   broken   seals   in   double-pane   windows;   energy   loss   and
efficiency;   dangerous   flue   leaks;   damaged   and/or   malfunctioning   radiant   heating   systems;   unknown   plumbing   leaks;   and   overheated   equipment.
These   color   images   can   then   be   included   in   the   inspection   report,   providing   supporting   documentation   to   the   report.   A   picture   is   worth   a   thousand
1.       CLIENT       requests       and       authorizes       INSPECTOR       to       perform       a       thermal       imaging       scan       on       the       structure       at
__________________________________   for   the   following   purposes:     ___________________________________.     The   fee   for   this   additional
service will be $_____________, all of which is due prior to delivery of the thermal images.
2.   INSPECTOR’s   liability   for   any   damages   allegedly   arising   out   of   any   aspect   of   the   thermal-imaging   service   shall   be   limited   to   the   additional
amount   paid   for   the   thermal-imaging   scan.     CLIENT   voluntarily   waives   any   claim   for   consequential,   exemplary   or   incidental   damages   to   the   fullest
extent allowed by law.
3.   The   thermal-imaging   scan   will   be   limited   in   scope   to   the   equipment   used   by   INSPECTOR.     The   inspection   will   be   a   non-invasive   and   non-
destructive    examination    of    the    visible,    safe    and    readily    accessible    portions    of    the    interior    and/or    exterior    of    the    structure    for    atypical
temperature/thermal   variations.     NO   OTHER   WARRANTIES   OF   ANY   KIND,   EXPRESS   OR   IMPLIED,   INCLUDING,   BUT   not   LIMITED   TO,
4.   Thermal   imaging   services   do   not   include   any   inspections,   examinations,   testing   or   evaluations   for   harmful,   dangerous   or   toxic   substances,
materials   or   environmental   hazards,   including,   but   not   limited   to:   mold;   bio-aerosols;   radon;   lead;   asbestos;   non-biological   airborne   particulates;
contaminants;   petroleum   products;   petrochemicals;   radioactive   materials;   electromagnetic   radiation;   or   plant,   animal   or   insect   secretions   or
excretions.     Infrared   cameras   are   not   moisture   meters   but   can   aid   in   identifying   areas   that   warrant   further   investigation.     If   INSPECTOR   offers   any
information   or   opinions   about   any   of   the   foregoing,   this   information   shall   be   deemed   to   be   informational   only   and   supplied   as   a   courtesy   to   the
CLIENT, and shall not be deemed to be an amendment to this Addendum or the Residential Inspection Agreement.
5.   CLIENT   agrees   to   indemnify   and   hold   harmless   INSPECTOR,   its   agents,   employees   and   inspectors   for   the   presence   of   any   harmful,   dangerous
or   toxic   substances   or   materials,   or   environmental   hazards,   including,   but   not   limited   to,   those   listed   in   Part   4   of   this   addendum,   as   well   as   for   any
and   all   damages   and   liability   for   any   mitigation,   construction,   or   any   other   costs   associated   with   the   presence   of   any   such   hazards,   substances   or
6.   If   CLIENT   desires   to   obtain   information   regarding   the   presence   of   any   harmful,   dangerous   or   toxic   substances,   materials   or   environmental
hazards,   including,   but   not   limited   to,   those   listed   in   Part   4   of   this   addendum,   it   is   solely   the   responsibility   of   the   CLIENT   to   contact   and   engage   the
services of qualified individuals or companies that specialize in the areas of specific interest or concern.
7. All of the other terms of the Residential Inspection Agreement are incorporated herein by reference.
We   contract   with   a   third   party   to   store   certain   information   online,   such   as   our   inspection   reports,   and   the   identity   of   our   clients.     In   signing   our
Agreement,   you   give   us   permission   to   do   so.     We   will   not   sell   your   personally   identifying   information.     It   is   the   duty   of   the   third   party   we   contract
with   to   keep   your   information   secure.     We   are   not   liable   for   any   misuse   of   that   information   or   their   failure   to   safeguard   it.     In   that   event,   your   sole
remedy is against that third party.
I have carefully read the foregoing and I understand, accept and agree with all of the terms and conditions of this Addendum.
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